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The ECVET Magazine No. 25, which provides an update on current developments related to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training, is now available for download on the ECVET Secretariat website.

The motto of this year’s VET Research Conference that took place from 7th to 8th August 2016 in Steyr, was ‘Vocational Education and Training, a Renaissance?’. The 3s team was actively involved with numerous actvities.

This year’s ECER conference took place from 22 to 28 August 2016 in Dublin. The aim of the ‘European Conference on Educational Research’ is to create a platform for initiating, reporting, discussing and promoting high quality educational research.

A European labour market with mobile workers ready to work abroad is indispensible to overcome skill mismatches within healthcare across Europe. The recognition of healthcare qualifications across borders is, however, key for migration of healthcare professionals on the European labour market. The European project “HealthCareEurope” (HCEU) tackles this challenge.