Validation of occupational skills profiles using semantic technologies

19. January 2018 - 18:01

On behalf of Cedefop, 3s explored the question to what extent semantic technology could be exploited for automatically harvesting fine grained information on occupations, knowledge, skills and competencies (occupational requirements) from online vacancies in a manner that is comprehensive, up to date and prepared for answering systematic questions about occupational requirements. 

A parsing test provided preliminary insight into the comprehensibility and accuracy achievable by semantic technologies. Desk top research and follow-up interviews with test participants investigated further aspects relevant for evaluating semantic technology as a potential future data provider of a European vacancy monitor.

Summarizing test results, it can be said that the fine-grained information produced by automated vacancy analysis - although slightly less comprehensive and accurate than human processing – gives rise to the expectation that semantic technology is an interesting option for ‘fleshing out’ occupational skills profiles with the detail needed for policy planning.

 Contact: Claudia Plaimauer, 3s,