ERASMUS+ Project 'HCEU-HealthCareEurope: Fostering transparency and recognition of prior learning within geographical mobility of professionals in the health care sector'

Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The HCEU project will develop a competence matrix (VQTS-method) for health care professionals in ‚elderly care‘ and ‚nursing‘ . It will also create tools and instruments for facilitating validation processes of foreign elderly care and nursing professionals within the project membership countries Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Greece in order to foster mobility. 

More than any other sector, the health care sector is already today dependent on the mobility of workers from across Europe and even on an international scale in order to overcome skill shortages that are strongly influencing this sector in EU Member States. So far, the mobility of skilled workers is strongly hindered by highly complex and time consuming validation and recognition processes and by missing transparency among health care qualifications in the Euroepan Member States.

HCEU makes a major contribution towards transparency of health care qualifications across borders and facilitates processes to fromally recognise and validate health care qualifications acquired abroad as well as through in- and non-formal learning within different health care recognition and validation systems in the European Union.
For this purpose, the HCEU consortium (DE, AT, HE, HU, PL) makes use of the ‚VQTS‘ model. Based on this approach, HCEU develops VQTS matrices, profiles, tools and instruments for the health care profiles ‚nurse‘ and ‚carer for the elderly‘ for the national contexts of the project partners  in order to facilitate recognition practices in between those European Member States.

In addition, HCEU develops transfer kits in order to facilitate the transfer of those tools also to other national (within and beyond Europe) contexts and to other fields within health care. Those tools are expected to make a major contribution to the work of VET providers and recognition bodies/authorities involved in transnational mobility of health care professionals.

In this way, HCEU facilitates the establishment of a European labour market that helps to overcome skill shortages and high unemployment rates through fostering mobility of health care profesisonals across the European Member States.

The project is coordinated by DEKRA Akademie Gmbh, Germany with 3s (Sigrid Nindl,  Sabine Schwenk, Viktor Fleischer) as a core partner and additional project partners from Poland, Hungary and Greece.