‛Making healthcare qualifications comparable across borders in Europe’ – Successful ‛HealthCareEurope' Multiplyer Event in Vienna

19. January 2018 - 18:02

On 22 September 2016, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ project ‛HealthCareEurope’ (HCEU), a healthcare experts workshop took place in the hotel Fleming’s in Vienna, Austria.


A European labour market with mobile workers ready to work abroad is indispensible to overcome skill mismatches within healthcare across Europe. The recognition of healthcare qualifications across borders is a key for migration of healthcare professionals on the European labour market.

The ERASMUS + project 'HealthCareEurope' (HCEU) intends to facilitate the overcoming of skill mismatches through the provision of competence development matrixes (VQTS Model) to simplify and accelerate recognition processes within migration of healthcare professionals with the focus on 'nursing' and 'elderly care'.

During the 5 hour workshop, Austrian healthcare experts (nurses, public healthcare officials, HR managers, representatives of healthcare training providers) and members of the HCEU project consortium (from D, AT, HU, PL, HE) were introduced to the current HCEU Competence Matrix ‛Nursing’ followed by group discussions. The purpose of the workshop was to have the 'Nursing' matrix validated by experts from the professional field of nursing. 

Sigrid Nindl, Viktor Fleischer and Sabine Schwenk (3s) organized the Vienna workshop since 3s is a member of the HCEU project partnership and has among other things the overall responsibility for developing the HCEU Competence Matrixes 'Nursing' and 'Elderly Care'.

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