Monitoring of the ‘Vienna Weeks of Career Guidance and Further Education 2017’ (‘Wiener Wochen für Beruf und Weiterbildung 2017’)

Wiener ArbeitnehmerInnen Förderungsfonds (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund )

In 2017, the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (‘Wiener ArbeitnehmerInnen Förderungsfonds’) is coordinating the third edition of the ‘Vienna Weeks’, a large scale outreach activity organised by a broad network of organisations from the fields of education, adult education, employment policy, youth work, migration policy, and many others.

For 2017, about 80 events will be organised. Various approaches for outreach will be used to get in touch with the main target groups including adults who usually do not enter further education, adults with low levels of formal qualifications and migrants unable to make use of their qualifications acquired abroad. Furthermore, 13 to 14 year olds prior to entering upper secondary education and young school drop outs (16-18) are among the groups addressed by the various initiatives.

3s will support the counting of visitors’ data and will conduct short on-site interviews at 25 events. Furthermore, a sample of 150 participants will be interviewed approximately three months after the events in order to learn more about their experiences and steps taken with regard to job search and further education since the participation in the events. Based on the empirical material, recommendations for further shaping the ‘Wiener Wochen’ as a framework for outreach activities will be developed.