Developing mobility support tools and services - ECVET Peer Learning Activity

30. August 2017 - 10:58

The PLA was organised by the ECVET secretariat (with 3s as partner) and will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus, 9-10 March 2017.

In 2016, and most visibly with the launch in December of the initiative ‘Investing in Europe’s Youth’, learner mobility has regained a central position on the VET-policy agenda. In response among others to calls from the European Parliament, the Commission is taking action to increase the quality and attractiveness of longer term (6-12 months) placements in companies abroad, under the heading of 'ErasmusPro', a specific activity within the Erasmus+ programme.

This was the right moment to reflect on the experience gained within the 'ECVET' and 'Europass' initiatives and in particular on the opportunity for a coordinated framework which will support thorough preparation, structured implementation and appropriate follow-up to assure both the quality and impact of the mobility experience.

The main objective of this PLA was to:

  • Reflect, based on real life experience, on the benefits and challenges of moving towards a coordinated service to VET mobility promoters and beneficiaries, which would support all phases of the VET mobility, ensuring the functions currently provided through the 'ECVET Learning Agreement' and the 'Europass Mobility';
  • discuss how such development could be addressed.

Monika Auzinger and Karin Luomi-Messerer (both 3s) were members of the team responsible for organising the PLA.  Results of the event will be published at the website of the ECVET Secretariat once available.

Link to the event section of the ECVET Secretariat website.