ICT-INEX - ICT-based, innovative training model development for building professional competences in transport industry among groups defavorised on labour market

Erasmus+16 (KA2):

The project aims to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of PD (professional driver) trainings with the use of ICT-based tools which will take into account the needs of some disadvantaged groups (e.g. the unemployed including young NEETs, 50+ individuals, immigrants) on the labour market.

This will be done by analyzing their needs, barriers and available solutions and developing a coherent model of training for professional drivers for the transport industry using innovative ICT solutions and recommendations for the changes in the national and Community legislation. The expected result will allow to counteract the current, existing problems associated with these disadvantaged groups, and on the other hand, will help the transport industry which faces a shortage of workforce.

The project consortium consists of organisations taking an active part in the process of professional driver training and research in Europe. The project is coordinated by ITS (PL), project partners are Grupa Cargo (PL), Tyoetehoseurary (FL) and 3s (AT).

First project results: 'Guidelines for the integration of simulator-based training with other PD candidate training methods'. Main author: Viktor Fleischer (3s).