Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures in EU Member States and developing scenarios for cooperation at EU level in this field

European Commission, DG EMPL

The Commission 'New Skills Agenda for Europe' (2016) emphasised the need for countries to have a ‘better understanding of performance of graduates’.

To this end, the Communication proposes a new ‘initiative on graduate tracking to improve information on how graduates progress in the labour market’. This study will contribute to this initiative.

The following four specific objectives are set for this study:

  1. map VET graduate tracking measures applied in the EU Member States at VET system level and, based on a sample of illustrative cases, VET provider level;
  2. analyse the different types of measures, elaborate a typology of these measures and provide a synthetic overview of the use of these measures across all EU countries;
  3. identify the strengths, weaknesses of the instruments analysed and possible ways forward to improve graduate tracking systems for each MS and at EU level as well as select a number of good practices;
  4. develop scenarios for cooperation at EU level in the field of tracking of VET graduates in order to support the Member States in implementing improvements, taking into account work already carried out in the field of higher education and the policy context defined in the new Skills Agenda for Europe.

The study is coordinated by ICF (BE) with 3s as consortium partner.