Comparative study on VET qualifications across borders

UNESCO / ETF / Cedefop

This study was based on the comparative analysis of the profile and content of four vocational education and training qualifications in 26 countries across the world, and from four different continents.

The comparative study focused on intended learning outcomes and aimed at identifying similarities and differences between qualifications. This should enable national stakeholders to reflect on their own choices and priorities in relation to the design of qualifications and in turn inform the potential development of guidelines for cross-country recognition of qualifications.

The study was carried out in close cooperation with Cedefop, UNESCO, and the ETF (European Training Foundation), who each commissioned one strand of the project; 3s experts (in cooperation with Ockham IPS, NL) were involved in all three projects.

Contact: Monika Auzinger, Karin Luomi-Messerer