Open Call prolonged until 15 September 2017: Validation of a 'VQTS' competence matrix 'Professional Care' (incl. 'Nursing' and 'Elder Care Nurse') in Denmark and the Netherlands

19. January 2018 - 18:00

For the Erasmus+ project HCEU 'HealthCareEurope: Fostering transparency and recognition of prior learning within geographical mobility of professionals in the health care sector' we are inviting interested candidates from Denmark and the Netherlands to apply for the validation of a 'VQTS' competence matrix 'Professional Care' which combines the professions of 'Nursing' and 'Elder care Nurse'.

 HCEU is a three year project lasting from September 2015 to September 2018 aiming at fostering labour market mobility in the health care sector through recognition of foreign qualification. In order to streamline and make recognition processes within health care comparable in and among EU countries and therefore foster cross-border mobility of health care professionals, the HCEU project develops tools and instruments applicable in different national contexts within cross-border recognition processes based on work practise as basis for comparison.

The projects’ major focus is on the professional profiles “nursing” and “elder care nurse.” The HCEU outcomes equip recognition authorities, employers, supporting organisations and migrating health care professionals with valid and helpful tools for recognition processes. The HCEU products are based on the learning outcome approach and existing European instruments such as ECVET and ESCO and will use the widely recognised and award- winning VQTS approach as common basis for comparison and recognition across borders. The HCEU project utilises the VQTS matrix approach in the context of comparing and recognising health care qualifications obtained within other learning contexts than the national formal qualifications system.

The whole set of matrices, tools, instruments, module outlines and guidelines necessary to practically use the VQTS approach within cross-border mobility of health care professionals is applied to the key positions “nursing” and “elder care nurse” and exemplary specialisations. In this way an objective and transferable set of instruments valid all across Europe is prepared independently from a specific (national) formal qualification context.

Project key elements are:
Competence matrix based on learning outcomes which displays competencies of a specific field (“nursing” and “elder care nurse”);
Competence profiles formed from individual parts of this competencies matrix;
Organisational profiles for the profession “nursing” and “elder care nurse”;
Web-based tool for the interactive presentation of the matrix and the related HCEU tools.

The main purpose for developing a national organisational profile on nursing qualifications will be to extend the scope for a valid analysis and comparison of qualifications/certificates in European countries and other parts of the world as well as identifying gaps and additions between the national levels of vocational competencies. To extend the comparability of qualifications among different countries the HCEU project consortium is inviting interested experts in the field of qualification in the health care sector to support the project with a national organisational profile for “nurse” or “elder care nurse”. It is expected that the expert works in close cooperation with the project coordinator. The HCEU consortium is going to support the development of the organisational profile by introducing the VQTS approach and the HCEU approach and matrix on “Professional Care” via a webinar. Furthermore the experts will be provided with a methodical approach to follow when developing the organisational profiles.

Please find more information on the task below.

Budget: Euro 5.500 (incl. all related costs, for each country).
Timeline: Proposals incl. a concept note (max. 3 pages) and budget should be sent before 15 September 2017 by e-mail to Katja Kalusch, DEKRA Akademie GmbH Stuttgart, Deutschland ( The implementation of the contract is expected to take place between September and December 2017.

For further information you may also contact Ms Katja Kalusch.
Further information on the HCEU project: