3rd National ECVET Conference

11. January 2018 - 14:29

The 3rd national ECVET conference took place on Monday, 6 November 2017, in Vienna and showcased ‘ECVET success stories‘.

Representatives of Austrian VET providers presented their experiences in implementing ECVET in different contexts, including geographic mobility and lifelong learning. Furthermore, participants were informed about the implementation status of the Austrian NQF as well as about the orientation towards learning outcomes within the Austrian VET system.

ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) as well as Europass and the European and the National Qualifications Framework (EQF/NQF) are European transparency instruments. The conference was organised by the Austrian ECVET contact point at the National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme. The ECVET contact point also coordinates the team of national ECVET experts who are involved in organising the conference.

Karin Luomi-Messerer (3s) is as a member of the Austrian team of ECVET experts.

Further information about the conference is available here (German).