Dissemination workshop: Discussing ECVET and VET assessor requirements

13. November 2017 - 17:44

As part of the VARE ("Vocational Assessor Requirements in Europe") project, 3s organised a one-day dissemination workshop to discuss the topic of assessor requirements in the context of VET mobility.

On Wednesday 26th of July, 20 participants from 6 countries (AT, IT, MT, PL, PT, UK) gathered in Vienna to exchange experience on ECVET* tools and challenges of assessment in VET learner mobility, and to discuss the topic of assessor requirements and how they impact the practical implementation of ECVET.

This one-day workshop was organised as part of the VARE project, a project within the Erasmus+ Key Activity 2 programme. VARE sought to identify the requirements for assessment and assessors in vocational training programmes across the European Union to support the development of partnership working for the purposes of mobility in VET.

Feedback from participants confirmed that transparency of information about each other’s VET systems and continuous dialogue between mobility partners are vital to establishing trust, and to develop high-quality mobility partnerships. The topic of assessment of learning outcomes achieved abroad is of particular concern.

The VARE project outcomes have been published on the project website: http://www.vareproject.eu. They include an online catalogue of assessor requirements across 28 countries, an online comparison tool for assessment/assessor requirements across Europe, as well as a set of case studies of good practices across Europe in relation to requirements to assess vocational qualifications.

*ECVET is the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training.

Contact: Monika Auzinger - auzinger[at]3s.co.at

This project was funded with support from the European Commission.