Out now: ECVET Magazine, issue no. 30

5. February 2018 - 17:48

The most recent issue of the 'ECVET Magazine' (December 2017), which provides an update on current developments related to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training, is available for download on the ECVET Secretariat website.

The current issue includes extensive coverage of the ECVET Annual Forum 2017, which was held from 19-20 October in Malta. This year’s Annual ECVET Forum brought together 150 policy makers, national coordinators, national ECVET experts and labour market stakeholders, who discussed how ECVET can be used to inspire national reforms or other measures towards more flexible vocational pathways. Further articles are dedicated national ECVET events held in Austria and Slovakia: a report on the third national Austrian ECVET conference, and one report on an ECVET peer learning seminar in Bratislava.

The ECVET Magazine is published by the ECVET Secretariat which is coordinated by ICF, Belgium, with 3s as consortium partner.

You can access the new ECVET Magazine here.