Joint report compares European and New Zealand qualifications frameworks

1. March 2018 - 12:26

This report comparing the qualifications frameworks, levels, and quality assurance arrangements will help support more transparent and consistent recognition of qualifications between European Union Member States and New Zealand. 3s provided support to the EU team drafting the report.

This report sets out an analysis of the technical and conceptual characteristics of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) in their operational contexts, identifying key elements of comparability and similarities and differences in a mutually beneficial way. The analysis is the product of a joint project completed by a Technical Working Group formed between the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the EQF Advisory Group in 2014-15.

In 2015, 3s (Karin Luomi-Messerer and Monika Auzinger) provided support to the European Commission in the drafting of the earlier versions of the report as part of the Framework Service Contract to provide expertise and support for European Cooperation in Education and Training. Similar work was undertaken by Working Groups between the EQF Advisory Group and Australia, respectively Hong Kong. All three reports have been published and are available for download.

Link: European Commission Press Release