‘Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures in EU Member States’ – final report published

7. May 2018 - 16:55

The systematic review and renewal of VET is crucial to ensuring its continued quality and labour-market relevance. A better understanding of the performance of VET graduates in the labour market is one of the key sources for assessing and improving the quality and labour market relevance of VET, alongside forecasts of skills supply and demand.

This study had four specific objectives:

  1. Mapping of VET graduate tracking measures used at system level accompanied by illustrative examples at provider level;
  2. Analysis of graduate VET tracking measures and development of their typology;
  3. Identification of strengths and weaknesses of these measures and definition of recommendations for issues to be improved at Member State and EU levels;
  4.  Review of options for EU activities in this field to improve data collection systems both at national and EU level.

The study was coordinated by ICF (BE); 3s contributed as consortium partner to the study and the development of the final report. The report is available here.