3s at the 2nd Mutual Learning Workshop: ‘Implementing Upskilling Pathways’ in Rome

17. May 2018 - 17:18

On 11-13 April 2018, 3s participated in the 2nd Mutual Learning Workshop 'Implementing Upskilling Pathways' organised by the European Commission in cooperation with ICF.

Mariya Dzhengozova (3s) was a country expert for the Bulgarian delegation. One of the main aims of the workshop was to revise the progress made towards the action plan developed and implemented since the 1st workshop which took place in Bucharest in November 2017.

By using a highly interactive mutual learning process the European Commission (DG EMPL) aims to provide support to Member States in taking the necessary steps to implementing Upskilling Pathways. The first workshop in Bucharest in November 2017 focused on supporting countries to develop a to-do list for implementing UP in their country.

The second workshop event provided participants with the opportunity to review the early implementation of the to-do lists. This process examined what was working well,  looked at some of the challenges encountered by Member States and how they could be overcome. The workshops offered the chance to discuss with peers of other Member States as well as within the country delegations. There was also the opportunity to explore the next steps, in particular:

  • A more detailed look at the three steps of the Upskilling Pathway with inspirational good practice examples.
  • Investing in UP-Skilling and how to harness funding.
  • Key enablers: guidance and support measures and professional development of staff.
  • Follow-up actions to make UP a reality and give a boost to adult upskilling in each country.

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