Out now: ECVET Magazine, issue no. 32

12. November 2018 - 12:40

The most recent issue of the ECVET Magazine (September 2018) is available for download on the ECVET Secretariat website.

The magazine provides an update on current developments related to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training. The current issue features a report from the ECVET Annual Forum held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in June 2018, which focused on using ECVET for long-duration mobility.

Further articles cover the following topics:

  • Report on a peer learning activity on using ECVET in the context of validation of non-formal and informal learning.
  • ‘Planting the Seed for Long-Duration Mobility in Vocational Education and Training’: a report from the UK ECVET Expert Team on a peer learning workshop delivered for UK stakeholders involved in VET mobility.

The ECVET Magazine is published by the ECVET Secretariat which is coordinated by ICF, Belgium, with 3s as consortium partner.

You can access the new ECVET Magazine here.