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With the B&A Monitoring (an integrated quality assurance system of requirements and acceptance of study programs at universities of applied sciences) 3s offers an instrument that allows universities of applied sciences to advance the quality assurance of their study programs and to establish measures of quality assurance for the universities of applied sciences sector in Austria.

This project aims to explore how ECVET instruments can be used for enhancing the quality of compulsory internships in Austrian VET schools and colleges.

The overall objective of the `VALBUK´ project is to implement and use ECVET principles in order to facilitate access to lifelong learning and qualifications in the area of cleaning services. Specific aims include:

The Carer+ consortium is a diverse, motivated group of European organisations that are committed to contribute to The Digital Agenda for Europe, making digital literacy and skills a priority for care workers and caregivers, and to support Active Ageing. The consortium is led by IFEF: Institute for Vocational Training of Household Employers in France, and it is composed of 14 organisations from 8 EU Member States.