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The three-year research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education aims at developing a framework for studying the relationship between further education and its support by public funding schemes and the economic development on regional level.

The HCEU project will develop a competence matrix (VQTS-method) for health care professionals in ‚elderly care‘ and ‚nursing‘ . It will also create tools and instruments for facilitating validation processes of foreign elderly care and nursing professionals within the project membership countries Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Greece in order to foster mobility. 

'KEY 4 Key Competencies and Solutions for the Effectiveness of Internships' is aimed at developing methodological solutions, promoting cultural approaches to learning in professional contexts and at developing key competencies (KC).

The project aims at designing and conducting a blended Continuing Professional Development Programme in ten modules to introduce a new role in education: the ‘school coach' who shall be able to strengthen quality processes, effective cooperation and well-being in schools through an individual and organizational development.