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In the context of the development process for a “National Strategy on the social dimension in higher education – for a more inclusive access and broader participation” 3s collected  measures contributing to the social dimension in higher education in Austria via a survey.

The purpose of this project (coordinated by ICF, Belgium) is to enable the European Commission to fulfil its tasks of supporting national authorities and VET stakeholders to promote and apply the ECVET principles and tools, coordinating the governance and cooperation process, developing ECVET in coordination with other instruments that support flexible learning and career pathways.

In January 2012, the Austrian National Agency for Lifelong Learning set up an ECVET contact point. At the same time, a team of national ECVET experts has been appointed and the initiative continues in 2016.

The overall aim of this study was to develop a mapping of internationally used sectoral qualifications systems and frameworks and their qualifications. The study informs future reflection on how these types of qualifications could be linked to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).