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PISA PLUS – first introduced in 2004 - covers a range of co-funding opportunities for vocational further education and training for various groups disadvantaged in Vienna’s labour market. While participants are free to choose among the available educational opportunities, co-funding is complemented by and bound to a counselling process on individual career development opportunities.

In the QUAL-PRAXIS project, innovative methods of student assessment were discussed and examined.

In this book it is described to which extent the Fachhochschule study programmes are prepared to achieve the aim of the development of a European space for higher education, which developments in this process have already been achieved, and what kind of measures are still necessary for further realisations.

This publication investigates corporate  strategies for human resource development and trends in qualifications and competence development.

The study is based on a comparison of the working environment of three multinational companies (AXA, GLAXO and XEROX) in Austria, the Netherlands and Britain in order to draw conclusions on the effects national circumstances may have on competence development within these enterprises.