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The Commission 'New Skills Agenda for Europe' (2016) emphasised the need for countries to have a ‘better understanding of performance of graduates’.

How can adult learning support best young adults (18-34) during their early occupational years? What is known about effective policies enhancing learning opportunities available for young adults? How is it possible to unleash the learning potential of workplaces which have been recently taken by young adults?

'ECVET-Lab' stands for 'Environmental Testing Laboratories' and at the same time addresses one of the main project challenges i.e. providing opportunities for recognition and validation of competences acquired in the workplace or through alternative learning pathways.

The ECVET-Lab project intends to develop an online training course through an OER (Open Educational Resources) Learning Platform promoting the need for sustainable development of the sector of laboratories of environmental testing. Through this platform the trainees, laboratory technicians, will have the chance to obtain and strengthen high quality work-based skills and competences in order to comply with a so-called Qualification Standard/ Competence Profile.

The SPREAD Projects aims to promote internationalisation and mobility in VET institutions and organisations.