Framework Contract: Comparing Vocational Education and Training Qualifications: towards a European Comparative Methodology

The purpose of the contract is to facilitate the development of methodologies for comparison of national VET qualifications.

Building on previous work (Cedefop 2017), the purpose is to scale up and strengthen these comparative methodologies so as to promote mutual learning between countries and facilitate strengthening of relevance and quality of VET qualifications at national level.

The Framework Contract comprises the following assignments:

  • Work Assignment 1 – Exploring and testing a reference point for VET comparison
  • Work Assignment 2 – Exploring, gathering and analysing national qualifications data
  • Work Assignment 3 – Exploring, gathering and analysing data on the match/mismatch between qualifications and labour market requirements
  • Work Assignment 4 – Methodological synthesis

The Framework Contract is coordinated by 3s and carried out in cooperation with Ockham IPS (NL) as well as national experts from various countries.

Link to Cedefop project website.

Contact: Karin Luomi-Messerer