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1. Newsletter of the Erasmus+ project “EXPECT- Exchanges of Practices in Education for Climate Targets” published

The Erasmus+ project EXPECT collects examples of good practice on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in vocational education and training. The project partners from seven EU countries (including the UK) exchange their experiences via Peer Learning Activities.

11. December 2020

The two-year research project EXPECT is dedicated to the topic of “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD) in vocational education and training. Under the leadership of the cooperation partner MBO Raad from the Netherlands, the project participants from Austria, Finland, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK pursue the goal of exchanging examples of good practices on sustainable educational approaches and projects in vocational education and training.

This will be done through Peer LearningActivities (PLAs) where the respective education and training systems will be presented and concrete best practice examples of innovative forms of learning and school projects on sustainability will be presented.

The first EXPECT newsletter informs about the project goals, the first project activities and the project partners. A dedicated EXPECT website is currently being developed and will go online as soon as possible. Due to Corona, the PLAs have to take place online for the moment. 3s (Tanja Bacher and Sabine Schwenk) is the Austrian project partner in EXPECT.

You may find the newsletter in the attachment.

EXPECT newsletter 1