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3s at the final conference of the ICT-INEX project in Warsaw

On 6 June 2019 3s took part in the final conference of the Erasmus+ project ICT-INEX that had the motto “VIRTUAL REALITY – AN ANSWER TO THE CHALLENGES IN PROFESSIONAL DRIVER TRAINING?”

13. June 2019

Project goals
The three-year Erasmus+ project ICT-INEX (Include the excluded) aimed at improving the labour market access into professional driving for three specific target groups by using ICT-based training tools (e.g. driving simulators or VR-training). The project group surveyed the needs of three disadvantaged groups: NEETs (=Not in Education, Employment or Training) until the age of 30, unemployed persons of 50+ and migrants.

Conference content
The conference focused on the topic of Virtuale Reality (VR) and its possibilities for the future training of professional drivers. It started with a presentation on current developments in the field of VR training in European VET and an analysis of the attitudes of professional drivers towards VR.

Project results
The main focus of the Warsaw conference was the presentation of the ICT-INEX project results about pilot trainings for professional driving trainees (from the three target groups) with high-end and low-end simulators in Finland and Poland.

These research results were followed by recommendations for the national implementation of VR and other ICT-based training offers in professional driver training. In several panels, consisting of representatives of transport companies, driving schools, transport experts and social partners, the project results were discussed and commented from the individual perspective of each stakeholder.

Link to ICT-INEX project website.