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Article on „Labour market information in times of crisis“

This article published in the Eurispes magazine, summarises the outcomes of a working group on “Labour market information in times of crisis”, moderated by 3s expert Claudia Plaimauer and Michel van Smoorenburg of the Dutch Public Employment Service during the 15th annual meeting of the “European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring”.

10. November 2020

What are the additional challenges to be met by labour market information (LMI) in times of a global crisis, and how can these be addressed? This topic was discussed by a group of European and non-European experts at the 15th Annual Conference of the European Network on Regional Labour Markets – ENRLMM, promoted in collaboration with the IWAK Institute of W. Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Eurispes Institute, held on 17-18 September 2020. The debate took place on the basis of reports presented by  Claudia Plaimaier (3s – Austria), Michel van Smoorenburg (UWV – Netherlands), Andrew Dean (University of Exeter, UK), Ummuhan Bardak (ETF – European Training Foundation).

The discussion focused on five core questions which were also queried by short polls conducted during the session:

  • Did the need for LMI change since COVID-19?
  • Do observatories now provide more current information?
  • If not, what were the main obstacles for producing current LMI during the COVID crisis?
  • Which lessons did we learn?
  • Are we already in a position to give recommendations based on identified good practice examples, or is more work needed?

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