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Cedefop’s “Skillset and Match” magazine features 3s research on comparing VET qualifications

The latest issue of Cedefop’s “Skillset and Match” magazine (May 2020) features an article on Cedefop’s (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) work in this area, based on two 3s-led studies.

3. June 2020

3s has engaged in research on methodologies for comparing vocational qualifications content across countries for several years.

The latest issue of the “Skillset and Match” magazine features an article on Cedefop’s work on this topic that in particular builds on two 3s-led studies – one finalised in 2017, and the other one still ongoing.

The most recent activity is an ongoing study, carried out for Cedefop, titled ‘Comparing VET qualifications’ (2018-2020). It seeks to develop a robust and scalable methodology for more systematically mapping, analysing and comparing the expected outcomes of national VET qualifications.


Check out the article here.

More information about the project (Cedefop website).