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Erasmus+ Project “MOULD4PLAST” – 1. Newsletter published

The automotive industry is an important part of the European economy and urgently needs specialists with knowledge in the field of plastic mould making. The Erasmus+ project “MOULD4PLAST” is developing a “Professional Profile Map” and a further training course precisely for this purpose. Specialised toolmakers and specialists from the metal mould making sector are to be equipped with skills and competences in the field of plastic mould making.

17. September 2019

The automotive industry provides jobs to 12 million people in Europe and accounts for 4% of European GDP. Automotive suppliers in particular are urgently looking for specialists in the field of plastic mould making, as more and more car spare parts are no longer made of metal but of plastic.

This is where the two-year Erasmus+ project “MOULD4Plast” (10/2018-09/2020) comes in, which, among other things, develops a training module for metal mould making specialists on the subject of plastic mould making / plastic injection in order to update urgently needed knowledge.

MOULD4PLAST unites project partners from Slovakia (Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Spain (AIMPLUS – Instituto Tecnologico Del Plastico and AVIA-Asociación Valenciana de la Industria de la Automoción), Czech Republic (AUTOKLASTR), and Austria (3s research laboratory – Janine Wulz and Maria Kargl).

Recently, the 1. MOULD4PLAST-NEWSLETTER was published which among other things reports on the kick-off meeting in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, and on the first research activities.

The next project meeting will take place on 5 November 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

The current MOULD4PLAST newsletter can be downloaded here: