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Learning about the European Union – 22 schools received the Jan Amos Comenius Prize for high-quality teaching about the European Union

The prize goes to 22 secondary schools from across the EU that teach about the European Union in a creative way and helps to spread these practices. 3s coordinated the evaluation of the applications for the prize by independent experts.

19. May 2020

The Jan Amos Comenius Prize is a pilot project proposed by the European Parliament and implemented by the European Commission. In 2018, the ‘Council Recommendation Promoting Common Values, Inclusive Education and the European Dimension of Teaching’ identified teaching and learning about the origins, values and functioning of the EU as a policy priority. The prize aims to present good practice in teaching geared towards the objectives of the Recommendation.

Further information (including a video in which the Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, announces the winners) is available here.

From 14 May 2020, you can find out more about the winners and their work via this link.