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New Cedefop publication: Key competences in initial vocational education and training: digital, multilingual and literacy

The study was conducted by Panteia, 3s and Ockham IPS. Tanja Bacher (3s), together with Simon Broek (Ockham IPS), was responsible for leading the research team.

7. October 2020

The overall purpose of this study was to investigate the implementation of VET policy priorities, as defined in the 2010 Bruges communiqué and the 2015 Riga conclusions in the EU-27 (+ Iceland and Norway) and to contribute to continuous learning in VET policy development.

The study analysed the relationship between policies related to promoting three selected key competences (literacy, multilingual and digital competence) in IVET adopted in 2011 to 2018 (research question 1) and the embeddedness of key competences in IVET (research question 2). In analysing the relationship, the question was answered to what extent promoting key competences in VET have been effective and efficient at national/EU level (research question 3).

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