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New Cedefop publication now online: ‘European qualifications framework – Initial vocational education and training: focus on qualifications at levels 3 and 4’

This study takes a closer look at initial VET qualifications assigned to EQF levels 3 and 4 via national classifications and explores what they have in common and in what way they differ. It looks at their purpose and value on the labour market or for further learning, and how they are assigned to the national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and EQF levels.

8. May 2020

The study further sheds light on the different weighting of vocational and transversal skills and competences in these qualifications. The research results indicate important progress in the description of initial VET qualifications in terms of learning outcomes, but also highlight a number of challenges in comparing vocational qualifications.

The report is based on the research conducted by a consortium led by 3s in collaboration with Ockham IPS (NL) and IBE (PL) and with input from other country experts in 2017-2018. The 3s experts involved in this study were Karin Luomi-Messerer as overall team leader, Monika Auzinger as member of the core team and Julia Fellinger and Mariya Dzhengozova, who were responsible for country reports.

The publication is available here.