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New Publication: “The Future of Digital and Online Learning in Higher Education”

The reflection paper, written by Stefan Humpl (3s) and Tine Andersen (DTI) on behalf of the European Commission, provides a systematic overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on digital and online learning practices in the higher education sector.

21. December 2021

Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, higher education was one of the least digitised and most human-intensive sectors which came under increasing pressure to move towards more digitally-driven and outcomes-based business models. Today, the online courses and degrees sector is a multi-billion dollar market. This paper asks the questions what kinds of propositions are indispensable so that the deployed digital transformation of teaching and learning can endure int the future. In other words, will higher education return to known concepts and methods of primarily analogoues teaching and learning in the post-pandemice period, or will the digital transformation last beyond the pandemic?

Here is the link to download the paper: DGEAC_Reflection Paper IV-1