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New Publication: “Vocational education and training in Europe, 1995-2035 -Scenarios for European vocational education and training in the 21st century”

This synthesis report summarises the findings of the 3s-coordinated Cedefop project “The changing nature and role of vocational education and training (VET) in Europe (2016-18)”.

7. April 2020

The aim of the project was to improve the understanding of how VET is changing in the European Union countries (including Norway and Iceland). Over a three-year period (2016-18), the project analysed how vocationally oriented education and training has developed and changed in the past two decades (1995-2015) and, on this basis, points to the main challenges and opportunities facing the sector today and in the future.

The summary report shows that European VET varies between countries and is changing in various fundamental ways. It is becoming more diverse in its programmes and qualifications and also expanding into higher levels, challenging the perception of higher education as exclusively academically oriented.

In some countries, this reflects a step towards making lifelong learning a reality; in others, traditional VET is coming under pressure from declining youth cohorts and a growing preference for general education and training. Such negative developments can be seen as a forewarning of future challenges.

The project was coordinated by 3s (team leader: Jörg Markowitsch),  this synthesis report was drafted by Jörg Markowitsch (3s), Philipp Grollman, Andrew McCoshan and Mariya Dzenghozova (3s). Other experts from various European countries including Karin Luomi-Messerer (3s) also contributed to the report.

Contact: Jörg Markowitsch

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