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Report “Measuring Learning Mobility in Vocational Education and Training” published

The report written by 3s staff members Günter Hefler and Eva Steinheimer on behalf of the EU Commission, examines ways to better measure learning mobility in initial vocational education and training (IVET).

16. July 2020

Promoting the mobility of IVET students is an important goal of EU policy making in the field of initial vocational education and training, and education in general. The Erasmus+ programme invests heavily in this objective. However, we are missing comparable data across EU countries on VET learning mobility, and this limits the opportunities for monitoring progress made in this field.

The report looks into the potential availability of administrative data sources, in particular the data collected as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Besides the authors Günter Hefler (3s) and Eva Steinheimer (3s), GOPA Luxembourg was responsible for coordination and support.

Link to report.