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Second “MOULD4PLAST” Newsletter published

In the Erasmus+ project “Mould4Plast” a further training course for plastic mould making is being developed. In the project partner countries Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Spain the automotive suppliers complain about a lack of mould makers; furthermore the available mould making technicians lack the special knowledge for plastic mould making, because the vocational training mainly considers metal mould making.

11. November 2020

The 2nd MOULD4PLAST newsletter reports, among other things, that the project duration of MOULD4PLAST had to be extended until the end of the year due to the COVID19 crisis and the resulting postponements.

During the summer months, the planned pilot training courses for the further training courses “Plastic Mould Making” for the two levels  “Basic Level” and “Advanced Level”  took place in Slovakia and Spain (both on-site and online). In November, there was the third pilot training in the Czech Republic which still has to be evaluated.
Up to now, the feedback on the training units in the respective project partner countries has been extremely positive and the majority of the participants described it as an enrichment for the existing training courses.

Further information can be found in the attached 2nd MOULD4PLAST Newsletter and on the project website: www.mould4plast.eu

M4P 2 Newsletter