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Successful Presentation of the new EU Platform “CYCLE CC” at 3s

3s, the Austrian project partner of the Erasmus+ project “CYCLE” and the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres (Verband Österreichischer Volkshochschulen) invited to the presentation of the Austrian version of the CYCLE CC- EU-Platform on 30 September in Vienna.

4. October 2019

This new EU platform will provide information and teaching material on circular economy and sustainability for adult educators and for the education sector in general in six languages.

In the wake of climate change and the ongoing discussions on more sustainable strategies for the economy and society, 3s and the CYCLE project consortium from six EU countries have developed a platform with information material for adult educators over the last two years. The aim was and is to promote a rethinking of society in the direction of more sustainable processes and circular thinking. The education sector naturally plays a decisive role, especially adult education.

On the Austrian CYCLE CC website, people who are active in adult education, but of course also all others working in educational professions, can first acquire basic knowledge of circular economy and sustainability themselves and then use a wide variety of teaching and learning materials. The European CYCLE CC Platform offers information and teaching materials (e.g. articles, videos, studies, games) in six EU languages, namely German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Polish.

Representatives from various organisations from the adult education sector and regional education promotion, but also from companies and initiatives in the field of circular economy or bioeconomy or repair/re-use as well as adult educators discussed the new platform and how to promote circular economy thinking.

Contact: Sabine Schwenk (3s), schwenk@3s.co.at