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The Erasmus+ Project “TAB4BUILDING- Training for Architects and Builders in the use of Composites for the Building Sector”

Client: European Commission, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training
Duration: 10/2020 bis 09/22

22. November 2020

The TAB4Building project aims to increase the understanding of architects and construction workers of the specificities of Fibre Reinforced Polymers so that both target groups can better use these composites in the building sector. Other objectives are to increase technical, quality control and management skills in the use of polymer composites, to improve skills in the use of existing concepts and processes, and to provide guidelines, especially for the use of the necessary tools. This will be implemented using a workplace-based and collaborative research methodology that takes into account the respective target group and country-specific characteristics. Furthermore, the establishment of sustainable networks will increase transnational cooperation and learning in the field of composites.

Das Erasmus+ Projekt TAB4BUILDING umfasst 6 Projektpartner*Innen aus 5-EU-Mitgliedsstaaten:

Silesian University of Technology (SUT)-PL: Project coordinator

Asociación de Investigación en Materiales Plásticos y Conexas (AIMPLAS) -ES

3s Research Laboratory (3s) -AT (Sigrid Mannsberger Nindl, Kerstin Scherz, Sabine Schwenk)

Federación Valenciana de Empresarios de la Construcción (FEVEC) -ES

Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije (GZS) -SL.

Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE) -GR

Contact: Sigrid Mannsberger-Nindl