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Innovation and University-Business Cooperation 2020-2022

Client: Framework Contract to provide expertise and support for the European cooperation in Education, Training, Youth, Culture, Sport, Research and Innovation (EAC-02-2019)
Duration: 07/2020 to 05/2022

11. November 2020

For more than 10 years now, the European Commission has been supporting European University-Business Forums, with major forums taking place in Brussels every two years, and a regular programme of thematic UB Forums taking place in the Member States. This European platform for University-Business Cooperation (UBC) has been key in bringing together higher education institutions (HEIs), companies, business associations, civil society actors and policymakers at urban, rural, regional, national and international level to network as well as exchange knowledge, ideas and good practices in the field of UBC. The actual UBC work needs to take into account the COVID-19-pandemic and its effects such as social distancing instead of physical meetings, challenging fundamental business models of universities by the virus, e.g. when universities rely on course fees of international students, or the need for universities to play an important role to support economic recovery.

Contact person: Tanja Bacher