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Torino Process Cross country-digest 2021 (CCD21): additional evidence collection

Client: ETF – European Training Foundation
Duration: 12/2020-06/2021

14. December 2020

The ETF (European Training Foundation) has started preparations for its biannual corporate conference 2021 (CC21) which is scheduled for May 2021 under the working title “Lifelong learning systems for green and inclusive societies in the digital era: Skills 4 Change”. The preparations for the CC21 will include a cross-country analysis of evidence and findings from the national reports of partner countries delivered in the course of their participation in the 5th round of the Torino Process in 2018-2020.

The Torino Process is a key ETF instrument for structured and regular monitoring of policy progress and impact in countries, with a specific focus on VET and its contribution to human capital development. The cross-country analysis will be presented in the form of a cross-country digest (CCD) of Torino Process findings and in 2021, its primary focus will be on system change in line with the key theme of the corporate conference.

Aim of the assignment is to provide technical support to ETF at different stages of the thematic analysis (e.g. coding and recoding data in MAXQDA, analytical and research assistance).

Contact: Tanja Bacher