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Labour market and occupational research

We create forecasts of labour market and competence developments for our clients. Our research methods include labour market analyses, online surveys and interviews, thereby providing analyses of labour market trends and developments in Austria and across Europe, organisational structures, employment structures, unemployment data as well as skills structures.

Furthermore, we offer analyses of the Austrian online job market based on Jobfeed Austria since June 2015.


  1. AMS-Qualifikations-Barometer (Public Employment Service Austria’s Skills Barometer)
  2. Analysis of the Internal Personnel’s Education of Public Employment Services in Selected European Countries
  3. DISCO II - European Dictionary on Skills and Competences II
  4. Entwicklung einer Ausbildung für das BMI
  5. Occupational careers of alumni of „Bildungsanstalten für Kindergartenpädagogik“ (BAKIP) - Secondary Vocational Schools for the Training of Nursery School Teachers

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