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Non-formal and informal learning

The sensitivity towards the importance of non-formal and informal learning has gained significantly in importance over the last few years, both in Austria and Europe. Making these learning experiences visible represents a major challenge. 3s provides the know-how to identify and develop approaches and tools for a transparent visualisation, documentation and validation of these types of learning.


  1. Accumulating, transferring and validating learning. Austrian report for CEDEFOP
  2. COMPASS – occupation oriented definition and documentation of intercultural skills acquired in job placements abroad
  3. European Inventory on Validation of Non-formal and informal learning 2010 – Country Report Austria
  4. European Observatory of validation of non-formal & informal learning - OBSERVAL
  5. Training programme ‘Documentation of informally acquired competences in counselling and mentoring processes‘
  6. Validating Learning for an Inclusive Society - In Learning

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