‘Changing nature and role of VET’ – Volumes 2 and 3 published!

The first publication (volume 1) in the course of the Cedefop project ‘Changing nature and role of VET‘  discussed how VET (Vocational Education and Training) is usually conceptualised and how this can be transferred into an analytical framework valuable for the whole project.

The second paper (volum 2) deals with the results of an empirical study among the EU28 (+ Iceland and Norway) on diverging national terminologies, definitions, conceptions of VET, and their implications on a common European understanding of VET.

The third paper (volume 3) provides important insights into the responsiveness of national VET systems, notably in relation to changes in demography, technology and the economy based on an analysis of developments during the past two decades (1995-2015).

Building on detailed national case studies, the report demonstrates how ‘big shocks’ (the fall of the Berlin wall, the economic crisis of 2008), national policy reforms, and incremental developments over time have changed the character of this crucial part of the European education and training landscape.

More publications concerned with changes in I-VET and C-VET as well as VET in lifelong learning and VET on higher levels will follow. In 2018 as the last project year, scenarios on the future of VET are devised and discussed, for example by collecting experts´ views with an online-survey. An expert workshop taking place on 20 and 21 February 2018 in Thessaloniki has been an important milestone to draft scenarios and kick-off the survey. It was followed by a dedicated scenario workshop, which took place on the 11 July 2018 in Vienna and provided insights for the finalisation of scenarios

Please find Volume 2 and 3 in the attachment.

Further information on the project and a link to volume 1 can be found here.