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3s research laboratory is project partner of the Erasmus+ project CERTI4TRAIN (2014-2016) with the objective of developing a European competence matrix for CVET trainers combined with an ISO 17024 compliant online certification scheme.

The conference on ‘Vocational education and training – a renaissance? Driver for innovation, employment, participation, social advancement, prosperity,…‘ will take place on 7-8 July 2016 at the ‘Museum Arbeitswelt‘ in Steyr, Upper Austria.

Recently, an article by Claudia Plaimauer (3s) titled ‚Big data as a source of information for regional labour market monitoring: analysing online job vacancies advertisement by using »Jobfeed«‘ was published.

The Q-KULT project (supported by the European Commission, lasting from Oct. 2013 to March 2016), with 3s as core partner, has come to an end.