Adult learning in the dual transition

At a joint event organised by the Vienna Chamber of Labour and waff, a spotlight was cast on ‘Adult learning in the field of tension between digital and sustainable transformation’.


Strategic approa­ches to skills development

Working Paper No. 2 of Skills2Capabilities has been published recently containing a collection of country case studies on national strategic documents with relation to skills policies.


On the islands of the Serenissima — Horizon partner meeting

Great progress was reported at the second project meeting of our Horizon Europe project Skills2Capabilities that took place in the uplifting surroundings in Venice.


Join us for a dynamic event: SKILLS HORIZONS

Meet the coordinators of more than 10 HORIZON Europe projects on skill development in one virtual event celebrating the closing of the European Year of Skills.


Start of field work in Skills2Capabilities

After some preparatory work in our Horizon Europe project, we use the summer months to kick-off field work in a work package analysing strategic policy documents on skills across selected European countries.


Kick-off of the Horizon Europe project Skills2Capabilities

At the end of March, the researchers of the project consortium met for the first time on site, hosted by 3s Research & Consulting as the project coordinator, with some spring in Vienna experience.


Global per­spec­ti­ves on inno­va­ti­ve app­ren­ti­ce­ship training

The ILO publication examines how innovative apprenticeships prepare people for lifelong learning to keep pace with changes in the labour market.


Review of the Event: Labour Shortages and Skill Mismatches

“How bad will it get? What can be done?” were the key questions of an international expert discussion on labour shortages and skill mismatches with a keynote by Ken Mayhew organised by 3s.


Labour Shortages and Skill Mismatches – What can be done?

3s invites to a keynote by Ken Mayhew (Oxford) and international expert discussion to examine new policies to address increasing labour shortage and skill mismatches.


Tackling incre­a­sing skill mis­mat­ches in European labour markets

3s receives 2.4 million Euros from the prestigious Horizon Europe programme to explore how skill systems across Europe can reduce the level of skill mismatch and better respond to developments in their labour markets.