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The study report ‚Taking the future into their own hands – Youth work and entrepreneurial learning‘ explores how youth work and non-formal learning can help to foster entrepreneurship.

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, 3s investigated the implementation status of the orientation towards learning outcomes within Austrian Vocational Education and Training (VET). The results are now published in a brochure.

The ECVET Magazine No. 28 (June 2017), which provides an update on current developments related to the 'European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training', is available for download on the ECVET Secretariat website.

The ERASMUS+ project ‚FutureDRV’ aims at developing a profile on competence, skills and knowledge requirements related to professional driving witin a timeframe up to the year 2030. Please join our online survey and tell us about future trends within professional driving.