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The European Inventory provides a unique record on how validation is already being used at national, regional and local level to address issues relating to lifelong learning, employment and social exclusion.

The project M.O.T.O. was one of the ECVET pilot projects financed by the European Commission. 3s was – together with the Austrian Ministry, Arts and Culture – partner in the project and contributed substantially to the main result of the project, the “M.O.T.O. model”.

March 2011: The seminar was organized at the beginning of the VET-CERT project coordinated by ARQA-VET. 3s is partner in this project and Jörgt Markowitsch presented his ideas on "certification as a strategy for professionalisation“ at the seminar.

The seminar, held on March 30, 2011, was organised in the context of the project EQF-Ref, coordinated by 3s. It provided the possibility for discussing the “EQF referencing process”, the related challenges and possible solutions with stakeholders and experts from different European countries.