Start of field work in Skills2Capabilities

After some preparatory work in our Horizon Europe project, we use the summer months to kick-off field work in a work package analysing strategic policy documents on skills across selected European countries.


New ETF report on trends in changing skills demand published

With this report on skill demand analysis, the ETF is anticipating future trends and developments across all activity areas.


Skills in the light of crisis and times of transition

The European Commission published a Thematic Review on skill shortages and labour market change during the pandemic and in the context of digitalisation and green transition.


Review of the Event: Labour Shortages and Skill Mismatches

“How bad will it get? What can be done?” were the key questions of an international expert discussion on labour shortages and skill mismatches with a keynote by Ken Mayhew organised by 3s.


Labour Shortages and Skill Mismatches – What can be done?

3s invites to a keynote by Ken Mayhew (Oxford) and international expert discussion to examine new policies to address increasing labour shortage and skill mismatches.


Tackling incre­a­sing skill mis­mat­ches in European labour markets

3s receives 2.4 million Euros from the prestigious Horizon Europe programme to explore how skill systems across Europe can reduce the level of skill mismatch and better respond to developments in their labour markets.