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The project M.O.T.O. was one of the ECVET pilot projects financed by the European Commission. 3s was – together with the Austrian Ministry, Arts and Culture – partner in the project and contributed substantially to the main result of the project, the “M.O.T.O. model”.

March 2011: The seminar was organized at the beginning of the VET-CERT project coordinated by ARQA-VET. 3s is partner in this project and Jörgt Markowitsch presented his ideas on "certification as a strategy for professionalisation“ at the seminar.

The seminar, held on March 30, 2011, was organised in the context of the project EQF-Ref, coordinated by 3s. It provided the possibility for discussing the “EQF referencing process”, the related challenges and possible solutions with stakeholders and experts from different European countries.

February 2011: At Cedefop's Expert Conference on Skills Forecast, 3s presented the AMS-Skills-Barometer, an alternative to surveys on qualification needs on national and regional level, based on qualitative methods.